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"the holy grail of seduction..."
"...when I read your material I instinctively knew I had found
the holy grail of seduction...
the results were astonishing.
The first two girls have become stalkers.
They keep pestering me. One is 19 and the other 22.
They are beautiful.
As I am fat and 46 I cannot see
what they find so interesting in me..."


Frustration is normal...
and so is your decision to do something about it

There’s a part of you that’s probably going to want to be skeptical about what you're about to learn-- but that’s okay. This is so important, that I feel absolutely compelled to tell you about it anyway.

You know all that frustration you’ve felt, dealing with women? The ups, the downs—the breakups, the loneliness… the whole expensive, time-wasting mess?

There’s a solution.

See, dealing with women has been tough—but that wasn’t your fault. Modern brain research has just revealed some things that can totally change a man’s results with women—and this information is genuinely new, so the people you grew up with couldn’t have told you about it themselves. It’s natural that you didn’t already know this—no man does, naturally. Discovering all this took brain-scanning machines, modern neuroscience, and intensive research.

You'll see some diagrams and scientific proof in a few moments.

And here’s the point: Women’s brains are different… physically different, just like a helicopter and a jet plane are different. Or different in the way a sailboat and a car are different. They’re built differently, and they behave differently… and different things make them feel good.

When you try to connect and communicate with women the same way you would with a man, you’re usually going to wind up bumping your head against a wall.

Think of the brains of men and women as radio stations, broadcasting and receiving on different frequencies.

But here’s the good part:

When you understand a woman’s natural mental “frequency,” you can make it easy for her to feel attracted to you. No matter what you like. No matter how much you earn. Because women are different—and communicating to them in the special way they want makes them feel intensely, magnetically attracted.

When I tell you that a woman's brain is physically different, that might seem interesting... but a little abstract.

You might think, Where's the real-world impact? How does this help me?

You might even think, “Okay, I see that a woman’s brain is different—but I don’t see how knowing that will get me laid with Natasha, that stuck-up blonde who works at the club I go to. Or any of her hot friends, who don’t know anything about me, and probably already have boyfriends, and probably don’t want to talk with me anyway.”

But here’s the cool thing.

There’s a special system for using the way a woman’s brain is designed—using the way her brain naturally works, in order to get her really excited and turned-on and affectionate, really fast. It’s called The Sexual Key, because it allows you to unlock the resistance you might find otherwise, so you can make women feel great and feel attracted to you, right away.

See, there’s some more scientific stuff I’ll show you later, but what’s really interesting is how you can use The Sexual Key, in the real world. It’ll show you how to quickly get women turned-on and legitimately attracted to you—and just as important, how to easily make them feel happy and emotionally satisfied.

In a couple of moments, you'll see some things real guys like you have written to me, after usingThe Sexual Key.

See, what I think you'll like about The Sexual Key is that it puts fun with women back in your control—and by “control”, I mean, having the power to pick and choose. You can’t choose to be born rich, and you can’t choose to have male model looks-- unless you want to spend $4,000 and two weeks in the hospital, after having your face cut and stitched by a plastic surgeon. But learning to use a woman’s natural, but hidden, sexual triggers—learning to quickly turn women on by using how she naturally thinks and feels—gives you choice. It gives you control over your own life.

If having sexual choice keeps you from wasting three weeks “dating” a woman you’re never going to have sex with, or wasting three years or five years or a lifetime married to a woman who’s not really compatible with you, or even just wasting a single night feeling lonely and irritated—then I think investing in getting sexual choice is totally worthwhile.

Every day, I saw ads for cars, clothes…
I saw beautiful women
with men I didn’t respect…

And everything seemed to suggest that,
when it came to women, 
all my talents and good qualities
meant nothing...
so I realized it was time to take action!

Want better results with women? 
Then take action... 
get the information you need!

"They really do melt!"
"I'm very very impressed!
This book [The Sexual Key] is a
...They really do melt!"

--Joe A., Oakland, CA

"Easily the Best"
"Hello JD, i purchased the sexual key and i got offered
my very first threesome.
i have purchased a lot of PUA material that sadly turned out to be garbage,
but the sexual key is easily the best and most helpful product i have in my seduction arsenal. you can use that for a review if you wish..."

--Russ , U.K

"Thank you again... I know how to use it, with minimum time spent.
I already have had 6 women
ask whether I am available.

I have gotten to the core of their being in just a few minutes. There are hot buttons. They are easy to find. "We" are all having a fine time. Like I said on the phone
I am an info junkie.
this is by far the best info
I have EVER read...

I am 55."

--M. W., Ohio

"I have to admit, I was very skeptical when I first viewed the contents of Sexual Key.
I thought, 'What kind of idiot would say this to a woman?'

But I went ahead and tried it
over the phone with a woman I've liked since high school, but never got close to. At first, there was silence and I thought she had hung up, but then she started to speak in a low, aroused tone. She demanded my phone number(which she conveniently 'lost' before) and
we've been going out ever since!"
--James B., Boise, ID

"This info is a MIND BLOWING revelation...
and I was a psych major!
--J. G.

Fun Sex Fact #1:

Women’s brains are automatic sex machines— and now you’re going to learn the hidden “do me” switch that most men will never discover!

Fun Sex Fact #2:

Because most men don’t know the hidden “do me” switch, the women they know are secretly frustrated, restless, waiting… waiting for someone who can truly “hit the switch”… waiting for someone to knock them off their feet… sending their fantasies and sexual cravings roaring into overdrive! And starting today, that man is going to be you!

Fun Sex Fact #3:

A woman’s “do me” switch isn’t on her body… and that’s good, because you know how protective hot, sexy, luscious women are of their sweet, hot, juicy bodies… until they know they want and need you… and then those saucy, curvy bodies go down on their knees, begging to be touched!

Where’s a woman’s “do me” switch?

It’s waiting, untouched— virginal— deep in her brain!

She’s born with it!

She’s waiting for you to hit it!

Her “do me” switch is like a fairy princess, lost and lonely in the cold, cold woods!

She’s wondering, Why can’t I find a man who knows how to touch it?

Now you’re reading this letter… and her wait is soon going to be over!

You’re going to rescue her!

You’re going to swoop down pluck her from the cold woods… and carry her into a hot, wild, place of explosive ecstasy… so she finally feels the blinding pleasure she’s been craving… because you so easily give her what she needs!

You’re going to learn how to use simple words and ideas in certain ways… and you’re going to laugh as you see a sexual wildfire suddenly rage through her hot, restless, blushing body!

You’re going to send an electric shock of pure sizzling pleasure buzzing through her brain… and she’s going to love you for it!

Fun Sex Fact #4:

Remember—her “do me” switch isn’t on her body… it’s waiting, hungry, in her brain!

So to hit her “do me” switch, you don’t have to touch her! You don’t have to know her! You can hit it in just a few minutes of conversation… even safe, “innocent” conversation! You can “hit it”—and she will feel it—and your boss, her boyfriend, your pals… will have no idea how you did it! You’re totally protected… and now she’s totally hooked!

Fun Sex Fact #5:

There are literally billions of men who don’t know and will never know what you are about to learn… there are literally billions of women who are starving for the power you are going to enjoy… and there are thousands of men who have already tasted the incredibly addictive pleasures of touching a woman’s hidden “do me” switch.

"I have always been very successful in my professional life,
which has kept me quite busy.
Meeting women and spending the time
to get to know them seemed
a time-consuming and wasteful process
especially if we did not "click" immediately.
I recently met and have begun dating an

intelligent, truly gorgeous woman

using the "Don't/Do" method described in Sexual Key. A passionate, intense physical and spiritual relationship developed almost immediately between us, a connection that would've have taken me months or, most likely, never to develop with someone. The methodology behind the techniques described in
Sexual Key really does work
-- thank you J.D.!"

--Marc R., Vancouver, BC, CAN

"Thanks for The Sexual Key

I came across your book the Sexual Key, and
it's f**king brilliant!  

I've checked out [famous colleague], [famous colleague], [famous colleague], and others.  Frankly, your system just makes more sense to me. 

I have a little story.  I've been hanging out with this girl, but I was having trouble building comfort with her. I could not get her to really let go and relax during our interactions.  After reading your book, I realize that it was entirely my fault.  So the other day we went out for coffee at [venue] and I ran a few of your patterns.  Her body language was shocking.  She straightened her posture, sort of hugged herself, and closed her eyes for a few seconds.  At one point her toes curled up in her sandals.  Her reaction was so intense and that I actually started to giggle!  I literally laughed like a little kid and I thought it would bomb out, and it did, but we both just started laughing.  So I wanted to say thanks!  And she should thank you too because I know she was having fun..."
--Ted S., California

Here's why you can logically and factually 
know and feel that The Sexual Key will give you 
many more of the beautiful women you want:

FACT: Women's brains are physically different.

You already know that the bodies of men and women are different. What you may not know is that the brains of men and women are different as well. Women don't just act and respond the way they do because of social programming-- women's brains are physically different than men's brains, and they handle information and emotion differently.

Women's brains have thicker connections between their left and right hemispheres-- as a result, women's brains merge language and emotion.

Male Brain
Female Brain
Gender difference, nlp, and hypnosis.
Neurological Gender Difference: 
The brains of men and women are measurably, physically different. 
The female brain has a wider pipeline between brain hemispheres-- 
a bigger corpus callosum-- than the male brain. 
It readily combines signals from the left 
(logical, language-oriented) 
and right (associative, emotional) hemispheres. 

Words easily touch off emotions.
You can use specific words
to attract and arouse women in minutes.

FACT: Women's brains are affected by language differently.

Scientific Proof:
YOU can AROUSE WOMEN... with Words.
Learn how women think!Because the brains of men and women are different, they respond to the same stimuli in different ways.
  • The brains 
    of women and men 
    react differently to words.

  • Your words 
    can give women 
    intense pleasure.

In late 2000, researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine, employing functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) --brain scans--, made a striking observation: Men's and women's brains react differently to language.

When a man hears language, only the brain hemisphere associated with logical, linear thinking tends to activate. A woman, hearing the same language, will activate both the logical and emotional hemispheres.

Women respond much more emotionally than men to language.

FACT: A woman's brain is exposed to different neuro-chemicals during the development process, creating different neural pathways.

FACT: Her different neural pathways mean that she is designed to feel differently than you.

FACT: Using her built-in pathways creates intense physiological, emotional, and erotic responses.

FACT: The Sexual Key will show you her natural erotic pathways.

PRACTICAL RESULT: The Sexual Key will show you how to 
quickly attract and arouse women, using words.

Add the Power of Built-in,
Hard-Wired, Easy-to-Use
Science to Your Sex Life...

You will attract beautiful women-- comfortably and naturally!

Here's How The Sexual Key
is Dramatically Different
from Other Pick-Up Systems:

Only The Sexual Key Gives You X-Ray Clarity
on the Secret Sexual-Emotional Arousal Trigger Automatically Built Into the Female Mind:

The Inward Spiral

When you use the Inward Spiral,
anything you want to talk about
becomes an incredible turn-on
for even the hottest women!

What This Means for YOU:

  • you can turn her on with ANY topic... so you'll never find yourself running out of pick-up talk, ever again!

  • no shrink, alpha bro, yoga teacher, acting coach, or routine-memorizing run-of-the-mill pick-up artist will be able to compete with your immediate, panty-wetting insight into the juiciest, most sensitive parts of her mind!

  • you won't be stuck relying on other people's "higher value" stories... hot women will love and appreciate and desire you for who you really are... because your new knowledge makes you genuinely, permanently more valuable than the ordinary guys around you!

Women will FINALLY see a reason to value you for your ACTUAL interests and REAL ambitions!

"...I had bought the Sexual Key a long time ago and thought it was
the best thing I have ever read
about attraction, seduction, etc.
and I have read many books in this area.

I bought it again recently because I had deleted it from my computer. All of the rest of the stuff I have read is pretty much the same..."

--L. D., Missouri

"I've just completed my first read-thru of
Sexual Key.

It's a work of pure genius!

I have studied some of [famous colleague's] stuff, but they never seem to put it together. The best item I have seen that they ever put out was [product name], that at least had a scenario written out. It was the best I had ever seen.

That is until I read SEXUAL KEY.

It contains a formula for those of us who want greater understanding
of what we are doing when we use these methods
and allows for improvisation, a skill sorely lacking in the [colleague's product line] material. I think the graphic that you use on your website illustrates it the best (memorize and blindly recite vs. principles that make the best scripts work).

I already know -- Well worth the money and I haven't even read GUT IMPACT yet. Please, do a favor for yourself! Never sell SEXUAL KEY... for a reduced price!
You would be selling yourself short! Thanks again,

--Thomas W."

"Hey, great book...
This is the kind of communication stuff I wanted to have for my books but never really could illustrate as effectively. In fact,
other books don't really give the depth
of explanation of a woman's psyche."
--C., (seduction author)

"I have listened... and I too am enjoying the benefits. I practiced a little bit and the results shocked me. That is, the women I was talking to became wide eyed and were listening, hanging actually, onto each word I spoke. I will practice more. Thanks a million,
your Sexual Key is revolutionizing my life.
And, Goddess knows, it's time!!"

"You must be a genius…
I've spent hundreds of dollars on material from others and am pretty much familiar with what's out there.
I think your material is superior
to them all."

--Gary M.

"Hi JD,
I gotta say that
your system is revolutionary.
Not that it hasn't been done before (by someone you praised in your foreword in your book), but that you gave us formulae on how to... dialogue with women.
Instead of just giving us the fish to eat,
you are teaching us how to fish. "

--R. B., Ontario, CAN

"If this information is so revolutionary, 
why wasn't it discovered earlier?"

Consider the atom.

It has existed since the Big Bang (or some such cosmic event, depending on what you believe about the origin of the universe).

Yet it was not until 1945 that mankind learned to unleash the power of fission in uranium-235.

A massive theoretical and technological knowledge base was required tounlock this hidden power.

And while The Sexual Key deals with fundamental truths about the female psyche, its discovery required the existence of other ideas and physical devices.

So the work of Freud, Jung, Briggs, Skinner, Myers, and countless others was required to reach this point.

And so was the creation and dissemination of video cameras and brain imaging devices, allowing as they do researchers to record, register, and study what humans, in practice, actually respond to-- rather than what people think they respond to, or what cultural dogma suggests they respond to, or even what researchers would like to believe they respond to.

The Sexual Key is available to you, and not your father or grandfather, because the concepts and devices needed to discover The Sexual Key were still being devised in your father's and grandfather's time.

For thousands of years, 
men have dreamed of a sexual key. 
Here's how it finally came into being... 
and how it will benefit you.

Let me explain a little about who I am, and how and why I searched for and found The Sexual Key.

I'm a guy... so of course smoldering glances and soft whispers aren't enough for me. I like immediate, intense, physical expressions of affection. When I meet an attractive woman, I don't want to get physical in three days or three weeks...I want to get physical with her...now.

The thing is...I'm a short guy. A really short guy. A shrimp. I'm five-foot-three, which means that a fair number of the women I enjoy have eleven year-old brothers that are more physically imposing than I am...and that most of these girls, standing next to me, find themselves talking straight to the top of my head.

(Ever have someone talk to the top of your head? It's a strange, spacey feeling... it can be interesting to sense words and ideas seem to come from out of nowhere...)

So I wanted... I needed... an edge.

When I was in high school, I started hypnotizing people for fun. (I found out that people--even pretty girls--will talk to you... so long as you're arming yourself with something special... and you go after what you want!)

I found that you can use words to give women--women who aren't exactly automatically and instantaneously filled with growing attraction at the first sight of you--intense physical pleasure. Intense emotional satisfaction. You can make them aware of increasingly sexual feelings.

(Ever light a candle and watch it burn? Ever see the wax get shiny and moist?)

You can give women orgasms--by having them feel and remember intense sexual pleasure!

(Ever really watch a roaring orange-red bonfire? Ever feel the heat of a fire brushing against your face? Then you can imagine what it'll be like as YOU make her mind and body hot!)

How do I know this tool will benefit you?

Let me put it this way: 
I'm five-foot-three and ninety-five pounds. 
I'm toothpick-thin and only able to 
 my eyes 
on things two feet in front of my face...

And when I was in college, 
I started making money on the side as a hypnotherapist...

And I figured out something
that no one else ever had.

How good will it feel, as you add this power 
to every aspect of your life?

When hypnotizing people, I noticed something... something that's going to completely change the way women see you...

When YOU put people in open hungry receptive trance states, 
YOU can learn shocking things.

Like a lot of people, I'd been taught that men and women, underneath it all, were pretty much alike. Supposedly, the differences between men and women were just a product of social conditioning. Supposedly, men behaved one way and women behaved another just because they were brought up to be that way...

just because a child's warm-wax hungry-greedy child-feelings and child-mind is so naturally soft and eager!

But here's what I noticed:

When YOU put people in deep, powerful 
states of intense, naked emotion... 
states of hot
steel-on- Warm- Wax- Receptivity--

when you slowly, delicately made a mind open up...

I found...

men and women don't just look different...

they think differently!

They make sense of reality...

in radically different ways!

They feel emotions differently!

They interpret events differently!

And there are certain words and concepts 
that make women open up...

Feel curiosity...

Begin to picture what they want...

Feel hungry...

Make them want to touch their hair...

Lick their lips...

Feel their faces grow hot...

Make them restless...


And feel the burning desire to take action!

And why are men and women so different?

It's because their brains are physically different! (And I'm going to give you more info on this later, but first I'm going to explain why this matters, and how this is good for you.)

You see, much later, after college, I ran across the work of a guy who made a business of applying subtle, covert hypnosis... the same kind I specialized in... to the act of fascinating and arousing women.

I thought, Damn, that's smart!

And then I asked myself a question, 
and got even more curious...

(Now, if you're someone who already uses covert hypnosis to attract and seduce women, you know how powerful hypnotic seduction can be. You probably remember the first time you made a woman you'd never met before suddenly get that aroused look... as you started talking with her. 

YOU remember what it was like when YOU first started caressing a woman you barely knew... in public.

You probably remember what it was like when you first kissed a pretty girl you'd just met... because you were making her feel an intense, almost psychic bond... and the first time you woke up next to someone into whom you'd pounded a charged, superheated barrage of thoughts and feelings, relentlessly, as her still-sleepy eyes looked at you with that glow of a woman whose emotional and sexual world has just been spread wide open... leaving her gazing at you, as if you have expressly come to change her life!)

And this is what I asked myself:

Since attracting and seducing women with hypnosis works, 
how can I make it even better?

How can I make it more than just a random grab-bag collection of words?

How can I make it simple and logical?

How can I make it easy to understand and use and remember?

What's the simple, easy structure underneath it all?

And then it hit me.... BAMM, 
right in the forehead!

I saw it.


I remembered those differences between men and women I'd seized on when moonlighting as a hypnotherapist.

Those distinct, consistent, reliable differences in the way men and women thought. Differences in the way they felt. Differences in their hidden, built-in emotional triggers.

And the answer was right in front of me--it burned into my brain like a cattle-brand.

I saw the structure... what I called The Inward Spiral.

There is a simple, specific pattern to how women think, feel, and get excited:
The Inward Spiral.

There was a simple, specific pattern--a structure--that women's thoughts followed.

I called this structure the Inward Spiral.

It was indeed simple--
but it was radically different 
than the structure men's thoughts followed.

Could it be that simple?

Could it be true?

I tried it out. I'd talk to a woman, and then just offer an idea--a few words--according to my mental blueprint.

CLICK-- her eyes would go wide...
her body would become still. 
She was waiting... waiting for more...
ready to drink it in...

Or--Wow--she'd suddenly give me a funny look, her head might list slightly to one side... she might blink in amazement...often, the woman would shortly thereafter murmur something like, "Guys aren't supposed to get that..."

Or--Yes! Yes! Yes!-- she'd suddenly nod feverishly, as if the more she nodded, the more she could feel the wonderful sense of agreement and understanding and connection we were sharing.

  • Imagine talking with a "friend," one you've known for years... yet never sexually connected with...
  • YOU can suddenly sense her being touched... eagerly... by your words...
  • YOU can feel her opening her mind to a new, life-changing possibility...
  • YOU can... feel her sliding you into a new position... deep inside her heart!
  • YOU can make her stare hungrily at this new possibility: YOU!
  • YOU can make her feel the certainty of her desire for YOU!

And the more I applied this simple structure, the more connected and excited and aroused they'd become.

It worked again and again--
it got so that every time I looked at a woman's forehead, 
I visualized this big crimson spiral.

And then there was that little voice: "You can use this and make women feel wonderful whenever you want...while talking about anything at all." A shocking thought, right?

In fact, I found that many times a woman's internal view of me would change completely--in seconds, I would be transformed from Some Random Guy to theMan Who Understands Me Better Than I Do Myself (and Who Therefore Can Do Whatever He Wants with Me).

So just by keeping a simple structure in my head, I unlocked the door to her emotions. And the structure could be applied to anything... I didn't have to memorize long speeches... I didn't have to know what I was going to say... I could talk about anything at all, and then just snap it into the Inward Spiral format.

If you act right now, then very soon, you're going to look back on all the amazing new sexual adventures you've experienced... you're going to feel fantastic... and you're not going to let anyone pry The Sexual Key from your hands.

"...I spoke to her ... and then to my surprise she stood there like she was in trance and then she Remarked that she didnt know I could talk like this ... That  I was talking to her Just like in a poem  .... that I was really Moving her .. I felt awfully confident then I knew very well THAT THE SEXUAL KEY IS WHAT EVERY WOMAN  WANTS ( I Never believed it would work) and she is Mine My Johannah who every man Lusts to be with is virtually a slave to this short Indian Guy ...... and she will continue to be mine as long as I keep on Moving her Emotions ... As Long As I Use the  Sexual Key.

--J., Sweden

"I am delighted
with what I have got so far out of the material...
it's just so powerful...
understanding how the female mind works so differently than the fact oriented male ....before reading your material I would have thought some of the descriptions given as examples were a little "fruity", but
I can see they work,
and it just makes so clear work I have done from other courses...
the chamber concept is fabulous.
the "[QUOTATION DELETED]" is really
atomic stuff...

thanks again - a mind blowing course."
--K., Australia

"Buying this system, and diving into it,
is the best thing I've done for myself in a while.

This system is put together amazingly!
I've personally purchased a few seduction books, they don't even come close
to the content and manner that this system has.

A+! Thanks a million... "


"Bloody brilliant, mate!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you
for your work produced in the Sexual Key -

it is absolutely f**king brilliant.
I am a postgrad psych student...
and my clinical interests are both in the area of NLP and Ericksonian techniques. I am also a big fan of [famous colleague] and I think you have extended and placed yourself firmly among these aforementioned greats of the seduction field.
--J.E.P., Australia

More on What You'll Learn
from The Sexual Key
  • The differences between the way women and men think, and how understanding these differences is like owning a socket-wrench that you can use to grab her emotions and adjust her positions!

  • How to create the kind of wealth women truly crave, and sometimes don't even realize how much they need until you demonstrate it--a kind that you can create right now, because it has nothing to do with material resources!

  • How a woman constructs reality, and how to use this to direct her thoughts and get her to construct a new and better belief!

  • How to make her so aroused and excited that she's staring like Bambi in the headlights of an oncoming 18-wheeler!

  • The power of the difference between "action" and "realization"--and how you can use this to make her feel as happy as a kitty licking up milk!
  • How to understand the actual mechanics of her mind so exactly that your words pump erotic signals right into her brain!

  • How to put ideas in her head and feelings in her body while seeming to say the opposite!

  • How to use facts like crowbars, so as to break open her mind and get her aroused!

  • How to use words that drip like melting wax into her deepest places...emotionally!

  • How to use the secret power of female language to make her get so excited she's melting in her chair!

  • Why women always want to talk about emotions--and how this need can now become a powerful tool for you!

  • Why women seem to focus on things that seem trivial to you--and how you can turn this to an incredibly powerful advantage!

  • How to make her so excited that she's silent, wide-eyed, hot with lust and desire!

  • How the seeming complexity of female emotion, once you understand its structure, is actually fantastically simple!

  • The secret structure of "romance" and how to create it, fast, without taking her to dinner or having to defend her from Bengal tigers!

  • How to turn her reflexive resistance into a puddle of need and raw desire, like a flamethrower melting a candle!

  • How to make her imagine wild sex, and make her so excited that she knows she's gotta get it NOW!

"Listen to this... [AS A RESULT OF READING "THE SEXUAL KEY"]...
I am 57 years old, and I am the prize!
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One thing I really like about Sexual Key is that it
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develop your own STYLE
of talking to women to excite their emotions...It then goes on to how you can use behavioural variations in yourself to promote emotional variety in women - a very important fact to prevent bordom, and perk curiosity.
Sexual Key put to the test:

Now to round off, I personally used this system to seduce different women, and in particular a gorgeous Malaysian girl and an equally sexy looking Singaporean girl in Leeds, UK. With the Malaysian girl, I was just chatting casually in Borders bookshop, while my friend was talking to her friend. I just started talking about exotic holidays to eastern countries, and exciting adventures in mountainous regions using the 'style' of language that I learned and I was stopped in mid conversation by her - she said : "Do you always talk so romantic ?" - I just said: "I could turn it down a notch if you feel excited!!" (with a coy smile), but she wanted me to continue just sitting there admiringly. When I had to leave she pretended not to give her number - maybe to not sound too keen. However, she called me out of the blue after she ASKED for my number from my friend, met up for coffee, she then asked me to visit her and, as she later said
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Yeah-- but as you've probably heard, the price is going up, and I really don't know how long it's even going to be available in this ultra-affordable form. (I might move next to the "Pay $500 and sit on your ass for seventeen hours watching DVDs" format that a lot of other teachers favor.)

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"...Vastly Superior"

Hi (is it J.D.?)

 I purchased your book package today and got way more than I expected. You really over delivered on this one.

 I just bought [name deleted]’s (or whatever his name is) package on relationships. I paid enough money for it that I could have bought an entire section of books at the book store.

This shows how incongruent the world of online how-to info is because his package wasn’t worth it. However, your’s was a fraction of the cost and it is totally something that you can’t even find in the book store! The best part is that I haven’t even started on your actual book yet, I’ve just gone through the visual tutorials and it’s already vastly superior than anything I’ve seen!

 Thanks again,
 --Daniel C.

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"...The material is amazing...

and I got great results. It is one thing wanting to communicate with her and another knowing how to do it because obviously women speak another language.

I live now in Taiwan and as a foreigner it is difficult to get a credit card, so my girlfriend lets me use hers.

I ordered the advanced material because I have experienced the outward spike. I have listened to and read other seduction materials such as [name deleted], [name deleted], [name deleted] etc. and I must say your material is the best. The language pattern and techniques found in the other books can be used once and that's it. Your material can be used in a creative way over and over again. It is not directed towards the authors business interests but to the students results. Thank you for that.

In applying all the other authors materials I experienced many bad things.... On the other hand in applying your material, [info deleted] and the [info deleted] etc. I had fantastic sex in the restroom of the four season hotel with a stunning asian girl nobody could get before. It is about giving what she naturally desires and thereby make her feel good, rather then tricking her, or "hypnotizing her".

Also, as a (former) member of the [group name deleted], I have witnessed that all the other guys did not have great success. It varied between none and moderate success, mixed with high expectations and hope and a boat load full of good sounding theories..."

--A., Taiwan

"...Your work is indeed a revelation...

...if nothing else, it has so far been able to unravel riddles that have puzzled me, at a subconscious, subliminal level, for years ! I am extremely grateful to you and will write to you again when I have some free time..."


"Hello JD,

As I have intimated to you in previous correspondence I have a profession which is considered very stressful or at least potentially very stressful because a mistake can lead to losses of thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye or the opposite ;) .... So when I have a particularly difficult day I make a point of finishing early and taking the rest of the day off, to go and browse in bookshops or have a latte at a coffee shop or go fishing, as I live by the sea. I have had two experiences, this week, both on the same day.

In the first one, I went shopping for a book that is out of print, and not being successful in finding one, decided to go for a latte. I walk in, get my coffee and choose a leather sofa to sit on.

There is a small table in front of me and another two leather armchairs opposite, by the window.

Presently a tall brunette appears, hovering, looking for somewhere to sit. In a very disinterested way, I suggest she can sit in one of the armchairs since my area is not occupied.

So she does so.

I am wearing sunglasses because I always do when I go out in bright sunlight as all my days are spent in subdued light in my office in front of screens.

So she sits there with her coffee and I take off my glasses, put my chin on my fist and close my eyes. She must have interpreted this as a sign of blatant disinterest.

After a minute or so of this treatment, I open my eyes and say to her that it is nothing personal, just that my head is full of numbers and I needed to chill out, she smiles...

So I engage her in conversation by telling her about what it is like to be a [info deleted] at the leading edge and how difficult and stressful it can be and I give it a twist and start slow deliberate bubble talk with lowering of tone at end of sentences and diffused vision, etc.

This woman visibly lights up!

Her eyes get very bright and the pupils definitely dilate!

I carry on doing this and suddenly revert back to "sensible talk".

I could perceive her mixture of bafflement and dissappointment as her eyes went back to normal.

I now start again, again her eyes begin to sparkle with excitement.

After a bit of this, I again revert to sensible talk with the same
effect which was very noticeable.

I perceive her barriers coming down and her willingness to open up and not feel threatened and now she begins to respond.

I again revert to bubble talk and now there are postural clues.
Hair tossing, stroking of hair and a bit of squirming..

I now revert to sensible talk again but the effect takes longer to wane.

Again I revert to bubble talk and now the symptoms are more marked, but guarded.

I played this game with her for about 20 mins, just to prove to myself these responses are real.

I got up to leave. She asks if I come here often.. she says her name is Sandra...she comes every Tuesday same time...to my surprise she scribbles her phone number and asks me to ring her if I like to let her know when I will be coming here for coffee again...amazing !

From there, I take a short walk to the pier. At the end of the pier are some guys I know because we fish off the end of the pier on weekends and odd days, so there is a sort of informal fishing fraternity, united by common interest and very friendly etc.,

There is a new guy castng into the sea. I have never seen him before.
I notice he is using a very unusual lure.This gets us talking. It turns out his is a travel agent in another part of the country down here on a few days break. Presently, a very pretty blonde appears at the top of the steps and they talk and she tells me he caught a huge bass the day before that she cooked and had a spendid meal. Now I say to her... [info deleted]...etc., and do you know, that in virtually seconds, this woman's attitude changed, she became disinterested in the professor and her eyes began to shine as I spoke. All of this going on and the travel agent unaware of what was developing...so I alternate sensible talk with bubble talk and I observe a distinct and marked effect. Suddenly, she stands up and goes off, and returns a few minutes later with three coffees in plastic beakers, one for you, and one for me and one for you, unusually spontaneous, without asking.

While the travel agent is putting his attention on casting his rod and so on, she now puts her attention on me, and begins to show a genuine interest, and asks whether I am resident in the town and what i do, and ventures to tell me the street in which she herself lives...he is oblivious....although he is clearly within earshot, he does not view me as a threat because she is making all the subtle moves, not me...and now she disappears again...and comes back and carries on talking...and then I remark her name sounds Italian...No! Spanish ! She says, I am from Barcelona...so we continue to talk but now in Spanish... I ask the travel agent if he speaks the language...he confirms that he does...and now I try a real experiment...because I begin to alternate (the cat with the ball of wool) sensible and bubble, in Spanish ! And do you know, there is no language barrier to this because now she becomes even more harmonious.

But I feel it is not fair to steal someone else's date / girlfriend so I begin to back off....I announce I have to leave and say goodbye to the travel agent, who returns my greeting and now turns his back to continue fishing....she sees this and now boldly puts her index finger across my lips ( to silence me ) and takes my hand and presses a scrap of paper into it and whispers " llama me" ( "call me" )....

So out of curiosity I did. I happens that the guy is not her boyfriend, but the boyfriend of her flatmate. Today I finished my trading activities at noon, and then slipped off to meet her. What dynamite!

We spent all afternoon in bed together at her flat. I am truly amazed that this can wilfully and so easily be engineered in this way. I now realise that in the past I have unwittingly used a variation of this theorem with women but to be able to turn it on and control it is to say the least, enormous fun..."

--H., UK