How to Make Women Feel There's Something Special About You...
Without Saying a Word

Radically Revamp the "Energy" Women Sense from You-- So They Feel Your Magnetism At a Distance Before You Talk to Them, and Then Feel Heat and Electricity Tingling and Crackling Inside Themselves... When They Finally Get to Hear Your Voice!

Quite apart from a man's appearance, there's something about him that attracts or repels women-- even before he talks to them.

Why is this?

It's because women are sensitive to certain flows of information that men are not. (Women may not always interpret or use this information in logical or practical ways... but that's another matter.)

Would you like to understand, guide, and drive these flows of information yourself?

If so, you'll enjoy putting The Energetic Tunnel to use.

"... I noticed a shift in feeling: one girl, as I was buying coffee, talked and showed me her freshly shaved legs...

As described, Mr JD, all exercises are subtle, effective and very potent. Great work!"

--Frank, Palm Beach, Australia


The Energetic Tunnel is a new eight-part audio program designed to teach you how to consciously modulate your "energy".

Don't bother wondering what "energy" means or is-- just know, for now, that you're going to make it into an extremely powerful tool for attracting women.

Using The Energetic Tunnel, you'll be able to go out... adjust yourself... and see and feel women responding to you. Before you even talk to them. Before they are even aware you are there.

Their instincts will them that you are a very special man... that your energy is powerful.


Worth having.

You will be broadcasting into their depths... you will see them shift and tremble like lilies... touched by your radiance.

Without you saying a word.

And when you select the woman you want... and you do take the time to say a word... your words, your body, your presence will exude the sweet, delicious energy that women will naturally desire.

Here's What You'll Do with The Energetic Tunnel:

  • Influence how women perceive you... even before you talk to them... and indeed, even before they consciously register you

  • Influence how they feel in your presence

  • Influence how quickly, deeply, and fully they open to your words
  • Cause women to feel your energy powerfully and immediately... from a distance... without you saying a word

Note: If you're an advanced user of SK, this will help you to pull more women into your orbit, and faster-- and if you're a beginning user, this will help you create a depth of receptivity that will dramatically increase your rate of success with individual women.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

"...The exercise gave me a centre of focus. Previously doing these type of exercises would cause me to start off OK but soon I would lose concentration and would 'drift off' and so lose reason for doing the exercise.

It allowed me to really build on 'feeling good'...

Found the next 3 interactions with other people seemed to 'flow' surprisingly naturally in the half hr or so after a string of 5 min exercises on the way walking to shopping mall. Almost as if my unconscious was in charge and leading the interaction. 

Surprisingly powerful result for such an easy exercise!


Its almost spooky, I have been doing excercise 2 for about 2 weeks now and its almost as if the women really are attracted to me. I still don't really know what 'energy' is but I'm starting to get an idea of its power.. 

I am still shy about approaching women but its almost like when I make eye contact with a woman for a few seconds it seems like she is 'willing' me to talk to her...without any real effort from me..Can't wait to see what comes next!


There IS a force or sense or intangable quality that is UNREAL to the five senses but is beginning to seem to me as real as my other five senses. Maybe I could call it my 'Connection' sense. It seems to draw those (mostly women)who are sensitive to it, together.

Just yesterday on the train, I again experienced a fleeting two-second deep connection with a young girl where we were totally 'connected' and lost in each other for that brief time. It was overwhelming for her and she became very embarrassed when she mentally lost the 'connection balance'. I am starting to become accustomed to having this effect..."

-- Tony, Swanscombe, UK


"The feeling running through my body was like a very sensual flow going from my top mid section all the way down to my feet. I can see this being of benefit through getting more in touch with my sexual energy and also having a effect on my body language and the energy coming through my face."

--"Waterflow", Ireland


"Wow what to say, I went for sashimi by myself of course, as always, and along came this beautiful young girl and sat beside me, now we just hit it off, she was married and she didn't let me get deep at all, which is ok I guess, anyway so we're meeting there in a week for sushi again, wheather that ever happens I don't really care, so off to the mall I went, talking to people all along the way, then the big moment after throwing away the coffee as it made me way too tense, I loosened up, stretched out and away I went talking to this dyke that I think is so hot, I have always found women that look masculin hot like very hot don't know why, so I got her cracking up then I walked on saying out loud [detail omitted] , giving my self hypnotic suggestion as I just became a hypnotherapist anyway I was walking down the hall with a big smile and eyes were relaxed completely and just about every female that past their eyes were glued on me, absolutely amazing..."

-- R., Canada


"Incredible... [when I use this] the women around me seem to be receptive, opened, relaxed, and, in speaking about something, oftentimes charming..."

-- [Anonymous], Los Angeles, USA


"..In the first couple of minutes i just felt stupid i walked around the house... [detail omitted], but after a while i started to feel very plesent tinglings , mainly on my stomach and chest, like this warm feeling you get after you get the phone of some woman you really like, but it was more sensual, in the begining my voise was not different, but after i started feeling all those warm things my voise got more sensual automaticly , it felt good.

now that i remember the times i get a phone or date of someone i like i feel this rush that is similar to this, and just after that i notice women cheking me out and stuff , just because of the number i got or the date, so i guess if i do this and the rest of the exersices i will feel such strong things, women will "feel" me, with out words, and its fucking powerful

i also felt very relaxed at the end, and my skin... well it felt great, my body in general..."

-- Guille, Mexico City


"Stood on a place a few minutes like you mentioned. Immediately two women came closer (one licked her lips)... The attraction of the two girls coming from different sides toward me was significant..."

-- Sam, Berlin, Germany


"...(This) makes me able to control my meta states and associate a feeling of pleasure about something..."

-- "Luccio", Lyon, France


"(I learned) how unaware I normally am of everything, and how I am in control of how I feel..."

-- Dean, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

"It really felt good.I first thought...what's so fun about it...but after some time i started thinkin......wait a really feels good.....!!

I expect this information gave me a sense of knowing the energy....i'm not so sure.....whether it is energy in itself...but i certainly felt good..."

-- S
ana, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

"I like how this explains how energy affects women around me...."

-- Art, La Mesa, AZ, USA

"...[The] technique of releasing old pains/tensions is incredibly useful. I have only done it for a few minutes and already noticed a great result, a definite change in my self, for the better.... [This] made my whole body light and relaxed, something women definately pick up on and respond to. From now on, I'm am going to use this technique with every woman I encounter, and just generally as I go about..."

AJ, Brisbane, Australia

"I can surround myself with pleasure anywhere anytime ..."

-- "Cause," Italy

"...This would have been handy...I cannot say just how many times in my life!"

-- "Bratzdoll," Houston, USA

"It is interesting to be in a very good mood and to feel energy flow in from all sides. I think this alone will help me to enjoy my workouts even more.


...My inner state is even more important than I realized before. I feel better and I am more attractive...


...It is incredible how your inner state reflects in the way you are treated by others. When there is rapport and attention in the woman you are with this exercise of the Energetic Tunnel lets you steer both of you the joyful way you like..."

-- Rudy, Mannheim, Germany


Price: 2 Payments of $34 each.
(Pay only $34 now, and then $34 a month from now... by which time you'll have had a chance to enjoy discovering how The Energetic Tunnel opens women to you.)