How to Hypnotize Women

Want to know how to hypnotize women in conversation, giving them incredible pleasure?

Then-- but only if you can remember finding someone really interesting, and you want to give women the wonderful experience of finding you hypnotically fascinating, so you know you're making them feel great, because your presence and charisma are just so intoxicatingly wild and exciting-- start by focusing on these simple points:

If You Aren't Speeding Up the Process of Seducing Women By Applying The Inward Spiral ...
If You Aren't Using The Inward Spiral and Knowing Exactly How a Woman Thinks and How to Turn Anything You Want to Say into Something That Excites, and Arouses Her...
You Are Slowing Down the Growth of Your Sexual Power.

1. Everyone's Mind-- Her Mind, Your Mind, Any Mind-- Has a Certain Habitual and Comfortable Way of Doing Things, Particularly When an Idea is Increasingly Interesting.

When you give me something I desperately want, right now, in the way I want it... I tend not to think about it-- I just accept it.

When you are offered something you want, quickly, easily, in the way you want it.... the offer makes you stop... makes you focus... hypnotizes you.

When you give a woman what she wants, in the way that makes her brain feel comfortable and feel open... her mind pauses... it opens.. you are hypnotizing her.

When you use the way someone's mind naturally works, and it give it information in the way that it wants information to be presented, this mind feels good... feels comfortable.... and you are hypnotizing this mind.

You can learn to give women astonishing pleasure, just by talking to them, in a way that makes their minds open, and takes your thoughts down deep inside them.

By understanding women more deeply and precisely than ever before, you can covertly hypnotize women in moments, and give them incredible pleasure.... in a casual conversation.

The question of how to hypnotize women is actually the question, How Do Women Think?... because wanting to know one, on an exact, point-by-point, step-by-step level, leads naturally to wanting to know the other...

just as not knowing one, means not knowing the other.

2. Individually, Your Mind, and a Particular Woman's Mind, Has a Favorite Way of Working, and Feeling Good-- And Underneath That Level, the Different Sexes Have Favorite Ways of Learning and Feeling Good... So All the Women You Meet (with extremely rare exceptions) Tend to Hypnotically Process Their Experiences in the Same Way.

You may have found yourself considering something a woman said to you, or remembering something you watched her do, or remembering thinking about something a woman said she was feeling...

and found yourself a bit lost in thought, thinking:

I would not have said that... or done that... or said that... or reacted that way.

And that's an intelligent and natural reaction, because men and women really do process things in different ways.

Even when they have similar opinions, well-- if you were to hypnotize women, and ask them questions about their feelings, and values, and beliefs....

if you were to explore the structure of their thoughts...

you would find that, within hypnosis, women's minds reveal themselves to be putting information together in a very particular, very emotionally intense way....

and, when you allow yourself to hypnotize women-- many, many of them-- you discover that their way of putting information together really is something deeply embedded in the unconscious of pretty much any pretty woman you'll find yourself meeting.

And you'll find yourself and your new beliefs confirmed, when your use of The Sexual Key allows you to unlock women's normal emotional barriers in moments...

so that you give women incredible pleasure, and lead women easily and instantly into simultaneously ever deeper and ever higher forms of hypnotic erotic ecstasy....

just by using the specific structure of the female unconscious mind, that instinctive and naturally hypnotically structure whose simple and interlocking parts you will learn exactly and precisely from your study of The Sexual Key.

And it is within The Sexual Key that you will discover the secret to the structure of the female unconscious mind-- the structure that we call The Inward Spiral-- and as you use this secret to hypnotize women, you will see and sense certain things, unconscious, suddenly begin to fit together for you in ways that double and deepen your drive and determination and newfound ability to make your life as exciting and fun as it can possibly be.

3. When You Know How Women, as a Sex, Internally Process Their Experiences, and Instantly Internally Hypnotize Themselves to Learn and Internalize Stimulating Experiences and Information, You Can Give Women the Sensations and Pleasures You Want Them to Feel.... Just By Fitting Your Words to Their Natural Hypnotic Processes.

By understanding that a mind learns naturally through hypnosis-- in fact, that deeply embedded, immediate, richly interesting, lasting learning is itself a kind of hypnotic process, you will benefit, among other ways, in this particular way:

You will have the honor and pleasure of showing women that their own minds allow them to open more quickly and deeply than ever before, as colorful thoughts and images make wild, exciting, intoxicating possibilities ever more real and accessible... because the process of learning how to hypnotize women is the process of learning how women learn, and learning how to make women feel incredible sexual arousal....

and the process of learning how women can learn to love their own ability to learn, and love learning, more and more.

And in hypnotizing women this way, you will find yourself focusing more and more exactly, precisely, and passionately on your own ability to learn how to give women ever greater pleasure, just by learning ever more exactly how women think, and taking every opportunity to leap ahead of the pack and to learn things only the most daring and self-propelled men ever do.

4. The Art of Subtly Hypnotizing Women into Letting Themselves Enjoy Tremendous Pleasure, in Moments, Comes Easiest from Using Women's Own In-Built Hypnotic Pathways-- Understand the Female Hypnotic Pathway to Pleasure, and You Will Easily Move Women into States of Higher and Wilder Pleasure, By Directly and Systematically Triggering a Woman's Hypnotic Sensation Points.

Best of all, your process of learning how to hypnotize women culminates in an opportunity, and a decision: The decision to learn not just the words that hypnotize women, but the structure underneath it all...

the exact how and why explaining the steps in the structure of a woman's mind, the steps that, as they naturally proceed, fully and precisely explain how a woman's mind enjoys hypnosis so quickly, even as you find yourself surprised at how easy and rich and pleasurable this state becomes.

And this is a logical desire on your part, because the desire to learn how to hypnotize women, your desire to arouse women and give women intense pleasure, leads logically, point-by-point, step-by-step, to wanting to know the exact pathway a woman's mind, unconscious, is following to create and enrich this richly erotic state of hypnosis.

Why is this so?

This is so because, when you learn from The Sexual Key-- when you discover the unconscious pattern of the female mind, which we call The Inward Spiral-- you will find yourself naturally learning to turn anything and everything you feel yourself wanting to say turning naturally into an erotic and sensual world of rich, pleasurable, sexual hypnosis for the women privileged to listen to you.

By focusing on learning the pleasures of using The Inward Spiral, by learning how to hypnotize women, you learn more and more about giving women pleasure, and they discover how to love the power and strength and determination inside you.

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