How to Seduce Women

You can seduce women much more easily, once you accept a few simple ideas.

If You Aren't Using Hypnotic Seduction to Arouse Women in Moments...
and You Aren't Using The Inward Spiral to Turn Any Idea into an Instant Sexual Hypnosis "Spell"...
You Are Holding Yourself Back, Sexually.

1. Women and Men Really Aren't "All the Same, Under the Surface".

You've probably heard countless times that men and women are basically alike, underneath the habits instilled by social pressure.

Learning how to seduce women begins with understanding how intensely women already instinctively want to feel good...

feel themselves tingling with anticipation...

feel themselves enjoying pleasure.

And even more importantly, learning how to seduce means learning to see clearly that men and women are instinctively very different, in very specific, measurable, and knowable ways.

Because the deeper into the minds of men and women you choose to explore, the starker the differences between the minds of women and men become.

(In fact, it was seeing those differences time and again while practicing hypnotherapy that led me to discovering The Sexual Key.... and as you add The Sexual Key to your arsenal, you will find these differences everywhere, and be endlessly amused by how easy it is to use them to seduce the women you desire.)

So to seduce women, having accepted that women really do think differently from you, you next want to learn how, specifically, women think differently.

That, of course, is what The Sexual Key is about-- it maps out the steps followed by the female unconscious mind, as it makes sense of what it hears and sees. Knowing these steps makes seduction laughably easy, because you'll be able to watch as a woman unconsciously goes through the steps you already know she will.

You'll know what she's doing with the information in her head.

You'll know how she's putting things together, in ways that create emotions inside her.

And because you'll already know the format she uses to put things together, you'll take the warm, pulsing, throbbing feelings you want her to feel...

and put them in her natural mental framework...

and then get to watch as her natural mental process "discovers" the truth of the warm, sensual, sexual feelings beginning to suffuse her body...

and she realizes that getting this kind of pleasure for herself was really her idea, all along...

so that she naturally surrenders to feeling filled by, and viewing her possibilities through the internal mental lens of, the increasingly seductive sensations and fancies that you are using The Sexual Key to insert into her mind.

2. Women Love Pleasure; to Seduce Them, You Just Need to Persuade Them That You Can Provide It.

Pleasure, and its handmaiden, Hope, are those loveliest of sentiments around which the art of seduction naturally spins its web of sex and power. Understand, though, that this web is neither fiendish nor fiendishly complex-- it is, instead, a simple, easy, artful, and elegant fabric, one designed to tease out erotic possibilities, to trace and hold and then bring forth sexual realities, so that the world's supply of pleasure increases.

Understanding how to seduce women is the process of understanding the structure of how a woman's mind creates pleasure-- and using this structure, to sexually arouse women extremely quickly, just by talking to them.

In a sense, getting women to bed is a matter of showing them that you can build that bed-- and instead of building that bed with the strength of your arms or the size of your bank account or all the patience you can muster-- instead of staying one of the pained and frustrated men continuing to suffer through that gut-grinding process--, because you are smarter than that...

because you are more decisive than that...

because you are stronger than that...

you will soon stop waiting and instead now get The Sexual Key, so that you find yourself building that bed extremely quickly, getting women aroused very quickly, and giving women sexual pleasure very quickly, just by using the way their own minds work.

When you use The Sexual Key to seduce women, you will unlock the storehouse of sexual power inside yourself, and show it to them in a way that makes their knees go weak.

And you will do this, just by firmly, powerfully, swiftly demonstrating your knowledge of their minds, and your power to use a few words to give them deep, incredible, hypnotic sexual pleasure.

3. Because Women's Brains Work Differently, Persuading Them in a Way That They Find Seductive is Both Different from What Your Friends Might Think... And Much Easier Than Your Friends Believe.

What Casanova sensed, intuitively, was this:

Women are not impressed by the kinds of things that impress men; or put another way, and more to the point, women are extremely impressed by things that would not impress you or your buddies... so long as you know exactly how to present these things.

And once you know how to present these things, the world-- or the world of sexual possibility within a woman-- begins to spread itself wide.

As you reach for the key truth on how to seduce women, ask yourself this:

How often have you found yourself thinking-- perhaps a little guiltily-- that something a woman has said to you, or done, doesn't make sense?

In fact, whatever she said or did almost surely made perfect sense, from her perspective.

And what you're about to learn from The Sexual Key is that men and women have very different, and very consistently different, mental perspectives, and very specific-- and also very different-- ways of emotionally processing their experiences.

You won't learn about this on a vague, general level; instead, as you seize The Sexual Key for yourself, you will learn about this on a specific, step-by-step, point-by-point level.

You will find that understanding the "complexity" of a woman's mind is really just as simple as understanding the rules of Tic-Tac-Toe. There are rules, but they are astonishingly simple.

And far more importantly, you're about to learn that when you clearly and precisely understand the very different way in which women make sense of their experiences, you will discover that women's feelings are simple and understandable-- and that you can create and guide and direct them, in incredibly powerful ways, just by using simple words in special ways.

4. Seducing Women is Fundamentally a Process of Educating a Woman to Her Own Potential for Feeling Incredible Pleasure.

Women have an extraordinary capacity for physical pleasure.

A woman, properly stimulated, can orgasm again and again.

The vast, rich networks of nerve fibers in her body are such that whereas you might feel what we might liken to a trunkful of pleasure...

the capacity for pleasure in her body, howsoever slim and nubile her body may be, is yet so enormous and vast that it can yet be imagined as a freight train.

As you talk to her, she has some sense-- sometimes dulled, sometimes keenly tingling-- of how much pleasure she can be feeling.

Of how much pleasure you can give her, just by talking to her.

And of how disappointing most men are, because they just try to impress her with their credentials and accomplishments....

without touching on the aching, eager nerve centers of pleasure throbbing inside her.

When you own The Sexual Key, you will know for yourself how it feels to drive that train of pleasure.

You will understand the pity and disappointment in her eyes as other men bore her.

And you will feel the power of being able to smoothly take the controls of a woman's built-in potential for pleasure, knowing that your new knowledge is what gives you this power-- your knowledge of how to fascinate women; how to hypnotize women; how to seduce women; how to satisfy women...

and, ultimately, your power to feel yourself taking concrete action towards fully becoming the man of power you are meant to be.

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