How to Instill an Intense Belief
within Yourself in Moments

Do you want a massive impact on your moment to moment experience?

Do you want to be able to immediately change your negative thoughts or strengthen your positive thoughts-- to immediately transform whatever you are feeling and thinking-- no matter what or who is in front of you?Do you want to really feel yourself back in complete control?

Then use the PowerPress.

See, there are basically two kinds of pick-up products.

One of them has to do with things you say and do externally, with women.

The other has to do with what you're doing in your own head, and in your own body. This second category is sometimes called “Inner Game”-- there are lots of products designed for this, but bluntly, most are rather clunky, time-consuming, and inefficient. In fact, much of what's been “developed” for ramping up confidence and the like is actually just a matter of experience-- “Go approach a hundred women... and then you'll feel different!”

In contrast, PowerPress is a tool for radically shifting your own beliefs-- and not in an abstract, “mental” way... but in a felt, physical, enduring way. It's designed to help you change what your body, your instincts, your gut believes is possible. You can use it to wrench old, unhelpful beliefs out of yourself... or jam new beliefs into your gut, your spine, your shoulders, your brain.Use it, and you will feel and believe differently... in moments. And the more often you use it, the faster you'll get with it.

Imagine walking into a club full of hot women, believing... in your bones... exactly what you want to believe... in ways women can feel. In ways they naturally respond to.

Imagine having complete control over your own beliefs.

Now imagine what having fast, firm control over your beliefs will do for your actions. For the choices you make. For the life you choose to have. For the whole realm of possibilities you haven't let yourself truly consider.

(And imagine showing a girl how to shift her own beliefs-- right then and there! Who's gonna be her guru now?)

Now expand your mind's eye view for a moment... and really take in the fact that you can apply this tool to *any *part of your life.

How many parts of your life are held back-- not by your actual competence, but by your doubts?

How many things do you avoid becoming masterful at-- just because you're not sure you can... so that you never really try?

Imagine how different your life will be, when you can ram in new convictions and new beliefs-- in moments!

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

"The technique is incredible. And in fact, I found, that with the last belief (that I would use the BeliefBuilding technique whenever I wanted to learn something new quickly) if I [technique omitted] I truly believed it! This info is going to be of enormous value in every area of my life. No longer will my beliefs hold me back. If I don't like a belief, [detail omitted] and a bit of talking to myself... its gone :)"

--AJ, Brisbane, Australia

"What I love the most about PowerPress is that it works instantly! No need to do affirmations for months or analyze your past for years... This works immediatly!! This technique will change my life for sure. Ill be able to choose what beliefs, thoughts and feelings I allow inside me. Can't imagine a more valuable lesson."


"To be honest, the [accessible-by-qualification bonus technique] wasn't the most pleasent experience I've had... But damn was it worth it! Afterwards I felt fresh, powerful emotions bursting through my body, AWESOME!"

--Carl B., Sweden

"It looks like the more I do this... the more I feel better with the new belief, the more I think the belief is true. The beauty for this little technique is it brings result really quickly and it only takes less then a minute to do... It amazing to see how the negative feeling of a sh-- belief can reduce so much or even disappear in seconds."

--Henry L., Melbourne, Australia

"I definitely feel different afer doing the excercise. I really feel a change in my beliefs."

--Tony B., UK

"I know many NLP and other self improvement techniques but very few of them give so good results with so little effort in so little time. It took me no more than 60 seconds to install a set of beliefs and the beliefs feel like they have been a part of me all the time."


"Wow, [the accessible-by-qualification bonus technique] really twisted my brain!"

--Rudy, Germany

"What's so cool about this technique is that at first it seems too simple to work but when you suck it up and just do it...wow. The simplest things that involve action are the most effective and this is mindblowing. This simple yet profound approach is going to benefit anybody in the most positive and permanent way."

--Jordan, Washington, USA

"The most important part of [the technique] is how short a time it takes and how powerful it can be to do."

--[Anonymous], Canada

"I can use this technique to almost instantly gain confidence with ease at any time. Now I know that I can gain an advantage in any situation I may face in less than a minute."

--Tony, Ft. Worth, TX

"The most practical part was how to instill a belief almost instantly! I cant wait to see how my world view changes."

--JLB, Chicago, IL

"It works and works fast the intresting part of this course is how quick & easy it is to use i'm actually laugh to myself in my head!!! the practical part of this course is it can be don quick an easy, fast very fast in fact!!! this imformation is what i've spent over 10yrs looking for finally i've found it!!! now i can truely start making the change i desire."


"this is amazing!!! i feel my new feelings inside of me just wow!"


[On the accessible-by-qualification bonus technique]:
"i can only say this technique is amazing, amazing, amazing!!! it's the best purchase this year!!! quick, fast, effective, what more could i want??? thnak you."

--"N.C.", London, UK

"I learned that putting thought and intention into the exercises yields unexpected physical and emotional changes. As if tuning into a radio frquency. These techniques have changed my entire outlook."


"On 4-16-12 I followed the instructions in [the second part of the program] and got amazing results, absolutely amazing results. Everything I did and touched all day long was golden as if I had awakened and was in Heaven. WOW!!"


[On the accessible-by-qualification bonus technique]:
"Already, I feel like a different person."

--Sandy, Las Vegas, NV

Ready to Break Your Old Beliefs
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