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Unlike Other Coaches, Shrinks, and Shamans, My New Change Technologies are So Effective... That I Guarantee Your Satisfaction...
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I don't know how many months or years-- how many hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars or thousands of hours or tens of thousands of painful moments-- you've spent wrestling with that particular habit or belief you want to change.

I don't know what concrete, enjoyable experiences you'll get out of finally making this change.

What I do know is this:

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I guarantee that they work.

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30-Day Guarantee:

The results of most "change" techniques dissipate within about 72 hours. The Re-Gear method is about installing behavior that gives you massive internal leverage, so you can easily keep yourself on-target and moving powerfully toward your goals.

I even give you a follow-up call, to make sure your new resources are chugging along.

If after 30 days, you don't find yourself enjoying real control over whatever Issue X was, you get your money back.


One 3-hour phone call.

One follow-up call after 14 days, in order to make certain the changes, and new ones, have locked into place and are operating smoothly.

And if you are not completely satisfied and enjoying your new feeling of control over the issue you used to have-- you get your money back.

It's that simple... because now is the time for you to finally get this handled.

Pricing Options:

Single Payment of $297

Payment of $97, followed by two payments of $147 at 30 day intervals.

Have fun,


P.S.: I know you've made efforts. Now it's time to make all the efforts finally pay off.

The Power to Make More Money,
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"I just want to let you know that everything is working very well. [Process_01] has allowed me to eliminate the resistance thoughts I had every time I wanted to make a cold call. I don't consider call reluctance to be an issue anymore. What I do now is before starting my call sessions I do my [Process_01] to eliminate the resistance first, then once they are out of the way, I [Process_02] and boom. Thank you very much JD, your techniques are very powerful. I really appreciate all your time and your efforts in helping me. God bless you."
--J.G., Florida

After Spending Thousands of Dollars on Treatments from Other People...

"The progress I've made these last days has been great. Your techniques have worked better and quicker than any of the many others I've tried in the past.

The other night I was teaching an extra employee the night shift at work (I work as a night shift hotel receptionist). In the past this would have been a nightmare situation for me since I'd have to spend 9 hours 1 on 1 with a complete stranger. This time I wasn't even nervous or anxious before the shift and the whole night went great, I was anxiety free:). Amazing!"
--Filip, Sweden