Want Personal,
Face-to-Face Seduction Coaching?

Live the Experience of Having
Your Habits and Headspace
and Resources and Reflexes

As I Personally Spend Two Days and Nights
On Installing New Action-Circuits
Inside You--

Mind-Body-Energy Circuits
That CHANGE How You Feel with Women
And CHANGE What You Do With Women
So You FINALLY Get The Sexual Results You Want

The Kind of Mental Bolt That Keeps Your Sticking Points in Place
Is Typically Outside Your Perceptual Field--

It's Behind Your Shoulders and Back Behind Your Eyes and Brain...

With My Help, You'll Find It,
Loosen It, Remove It--
And Get The New Junctions You Need
Now Locked Into Place.

Watch What I Do, and Absorb. I'll Watch What You Do, and Discover.
We'll Install New and Improved Reflexes Inside You.
Then We'll Do It Again, and Better.

In the actual experience of seduction, your words and gestures and bodily shape and bodily movements form a totality-- a cluster of factors and qualities that make a woman feel one way or another...

feel to some extent or another...

feel intensely and joyously and deliciously enough to make her want to surrender to you...

or not.

And for a simple physical reason--

you're in your body, in the act of engaging a woman--

you cannot be outside yourself, noticing the things you are doing and not doing that variously ratchet up your rakish attraction and ratchet down your worth and value.

Training yourself, from a first-person perspective, is the default approach-- and the slowest one.

You can't change what you can't see.

Of course, you can go out with pals, buddies, wings.

And that can be helpful, to some degree.

But the degree that they can actually help you improve is a function of how much skill they have at actually helping you improve.

Effectively helping you get women open to you (to the extent that they do want to help you) is a specific skill-- and if they don't have much of that skill, it's anyone's guess as to what actual behaviors and beliefs and tics and conclusions you're picking up...

as opposed to picking up girls.

Fundamentally, though, it's a matter of time.

How much time do you want to burn, waiting to hopefully or perhaps develop the skill you need?

Maybe you're really young-- in your first year of college, maybe. And if that's the case, this offer is probably not for you. (Of course, if you want to make that first year of college blazingly fun and sexually satisfied, and you're ready to take a radical step to make that happen-- step right up!)

But if you're not in your first year of college, not super-super-super young...

if you're getting serious about having the kind of sex life you want...

and you're thinking of what you finally want to achieve and enjoy and have with hot women, sexually...

and you're starting to get focused on making your sexual ambitions real...

so you start to see now as the time to take control of your time...

now as the moment to make all the moments you spend with women more fun and concretely sexually fulfilling than they've ever been...

then, maybe, for you, it can become extremely clear that signing up for personal, 1-on-1 training with me is the next step for you--

that not only will getting training with me get you what you most want and need...

but that now is the time to be ready for it--

and that you are the man who is ready for it--

the man whose time is now.


This is what you will experience:

  • discovering what you need to know about your current pick-up process, as observed from the accurate, objective, third-person perspective that you yourself literally cannot see

  • getting direct feedback on your moves and words and actions and energy and tempo with women

  • feeling the removal of mental glitches that have prevented you from effectively taking the steps you know you should take

  • seeing real-world demonstrations, so that you can see the necessary bodily adjustments and micro-shifts in real-time, and then have these conscious and unconscious learnings programmed and reinforced into your own behavior, over and over again, so you incorporate them into your real-world future behavior

  • feeling your intense internal feelings being melted down and hammered and reshaped into effective, pleasure-getting outward behaviors

  • sensing the feedback cushion that can keep you sufficiently aware of her state that you can move her state and move with her state, this feedback cushion now being primed and made more usefully sensitive... so you stop being thrown off by her internal modulations as your behaviors move her into greater sexual sensitivity

  • feeling yourself being equipped yourself with an arsenal of words and ideas and brain-hooks that fit you as an individual, so that this arsenal marks you out as attractive and expansive and compelling

  • getting a perspective that turns your actual experiences and resources into chunks of "value" that women will respond to, respect, admire, and desire

  • zeroing in on specific phase-related sticking points-- whether the phase is approaching women, engaging them, erotically connecting, moving them to another place or address, or moving them past last-minute resistance-- and building in the reflexes and resources that push you past those sticking points and get you across the goal line

  • experiencing deep change work-- work that will line things up within you so that the other chunks of what we do will snap into place and integrate and roll on into the future


Now let's move forward into seeing what you will be doing.



This is Your Procedure:

  • you will get a hotel room or private room for two days

  • your apparent sticking point(s) will be clarified

  • you will be moved into deep trance states

  • you will see seductive interactions with women

  • you will interact seductively with women

  • you will be given feedback

  • you will be moved be into more and deeper trance states, as new tailored instructions are programmed into place

  • you will interact seductively with women, differently than before

  • you will be given feedback on your new behaviors

  • you will be programmed to experience a series of sticking points in different ways, as they become cues for transition and unconscious competence, because you will be programmed to process the "successful enjoyable sexual close" in a way that will make it part of your natural behavioral sequence and a clear and expected mental series

  • you will be moved into more and deeper trance states, as the changes you have made feed back into deeper internal changes, preparing you for greater and ongoing and compounding behavioral change with women, because you will be moving faster and more smoothly toward successful enjoyable sexual closing

  • you will interact seductively with women, and interact seductively with more women, and then you will be traveling, perhaps by air or train or long-distance drive, on the way to interact seductively with more women, and ever more enjoyably compounding sexual closing


Location: Seattle, WA USA

Duration: 2 Full Days

Scheduling Examples:

  • Saturday morning, afternoon, evening, plus Sunday morning, afternoon, evening
  • Friday morning, afternoon, evening, plus Sunday morning, afternoon, evening

Cost: $1997 USD, or with more than two weeks' notice, $997 USD

With two weeks' or less notice: $1997 USD

With more than two weeks' notice: $997 USD

Alternatively, send payment via PayPal to info@sexualkey.com. Payment plans can be requested.

Contact: info [at] sexualkey dot com