Ready to RADICALLY Upgrade Your Game, NOW?

Eager to DESTROY Whatever's Blocking You with a Particular Girl?

Want Me To VAPORIZE Your Pick-Up Roadblocks–

Over The Phone, Personally, in 90 Minutes of Pinpoint,
Laser-Focused Phone/Video Coaching?


There's 1 (one) thing that I want to say, first:

It's awesome and impressive that you are on this page.


Because the raw fact that you are on this page means a part of you knows your seduction challenge--

whatever it is--
has a fix.

You might have some superficial anxiety about getting things changed, fast...
or the price-tag of hiring me to put the power back in your hands...
but the strongest, most powerful part of you (unconscious?) already knows the most important thing, which is this:

That your problem has a fix, because together, we can fix it...
so you can get past this problem, get past your roadblock, and really get moving on experiencing the sexual results you really want.

So if you want to ramp up your sexual results, fast--


You're hungry and frustrated and want to change things now, OR... 

You're having such a blast that you know this is the moment to raise the stakes, jump a level, go beyond your existing gambits, to the point that you can now start shaping your Life-Path and your Love-Machine with creativity and ambition and vision, instead of games and scripts and wishes...

Then this might be the launch-pad that blasts you out of the world you are tired of seeing into the world you are eager to find yourself claiming.

And all you have to do is...

Accept That Your Roadblock Can Be Vaporized--
So Together We Will Do Exactly That

Now-- let's narrow things down.

Get what you want for yourself clarified, so you can now decide to get the problem fixed...

and then actually get the problem fixed.


We're not on the phone and already locking into place all the needed corrections right now, so at the moment-- I don't know the details of the challenge you're grappling with. 

You tell me.

Maybe it's something like

  • not knowing how to get past rapport
  • not knowing what to do with a particular girl who really does hit your buttons-- but just because she gets you so worked up, you're afraid of screwing up and then losing out
  • not knowing how to turn the girls that dig you into the girls that worship you
  • not escalating enough
  • not knowing how to trigger a woman's Deep Submission buttons, in moments
  • not closing, even when you're in a private location, and she seemed pretty up for it, just a little while before
  • not meeting enough hot women, and wondering why the hell not
  • not knowing how to keep expanding things with Ultra-Girl, the super-cool lass who a part of you still can't believe is really so into you
  • not approaching, even though you know you should and you consciously want to
  • knowing a helluva lot, but having trouble putting all the things you know into an organic system that feels real and feels honest and gets you what you want

Again, you haven't yet filled me in on the relevant details of your situation. Yet already, about your situation, I can say this:

However bleak or heavy or gut-grinding your situation feels, or how shaky and confusing it appears, your situation-- and your personal challenge-- has a structure.

A design.

A pattern.


If You Know My Work, You Also Know that the World is Full of Patterns Most People Will Never Know--

And Your Current Challenge
Does Have a Pattern

Whatever the pattern underneath your dating roadblock, there is a pattern to it. And once we find the pattern beneath that roadblock, I will tear it out like an Incan priest tearing out the entrails of the sacrifice...

and see to it that something new and powerful and useful for you is installed in its place.

In just a little while, via Skype audio and video, we can shift things in your head, snap new resources into place, and pull specific new opportunities into perspective..

Things you can start doing right away-- based on where you are in life, right now.

We're going to break down what you're doing...

and how you're doing it...

and then unhook the stuff that doesn't work.

When we do this, you will feel the weight fall from your body.

And the things you're already doing well-- those are the things we're going to supercharge-- and then we're going to ensure that the power inside them is being maximally applied to the most important facets of your dating life...

so that you find it easy to throw yourself into creating the dating life you want.

You Get a Personalized Seduction System-- Tailored to Your Strengths, Your Lifestyle, and Your Interests

Sound good?

Well, I'm not gonna stop there.

I'm going to take things even further.

I want you to go in eyes open, decisive, fully focused on removing your roadblock and actively getting the results you want.

Clear-minded, locked on your goal.

So, to help you stay in this state...

I'm going to absorb all the risk.

Because I know my personal methods and skills will help you get the results you want--


I offer you this guarantee:

You WILL Be Satisfied
by Our Work Together, Or
You Can Have Your Money Back!

If you are not satisfied with the work we do, then anytime in the 30 days after we work together you can get a refund.

Here's why that's actually not unfair, even though it seems like it...

(Imagine what a world it would be if all the coaches and trainers and therapists and counselors in the world actually gave money-back guarantees!)

Unlike many others, I don't view my job as being one of listening to your problems, letting you vent, then telling you, "Everything's going to be fine-- just man up, and stop aking her shit-- oh, and will you using Visa or Mastercard today?"

Instead, here's what you'll get from me:

A Simple, Step-By-Step Solution That Targets Your Exact Sticking Point-- PLUS, Internal Trigger-Programming That Moves You To Put Your New Plan Into Action

Are you ready to exploit your own potential?

To get your gazed fixed on what you truly want?

To seize the sword, and claim what can now be yours?

Then get ready to change your whole sexual trajectory--

and prepare yourself for the jump you're about to make by sharpening your understanding of something critical:

The Cost of Time and The Value of Real Measurable Improvement

If you’re ready to stop paying with your time…

Stop paying in frustration…

Stop paying in anxiety and irritation and gritted teeth…

If you’re ready to make the skill-jump you need to have the sex-life you want…

Then you’re in luck.

Don’t pay another winter and spring and summer of waiting.

Don’t pay another summer and fall, another year, another year or two years. Another "dry spell", more "almosts" and "near-misses", another year or two or three of hard breaks. Of dead nights and crap mornings.

Don’t pay any more time than you have to.

Instead, pay attention to what you need to do differently… and take action, now.


Yours Now:
The Easiest, Most Affordable Price
for the Biggest, Most Solid,
Most Lasting Gain


For a 90-minute, laser-focused, transformative session, the price I’m offering you is… $7,997?

Less than that.


Less than that.


Less, even, than that.

Way less.

So you save much more... and get much more.


I want you to dramatically improve your sex-life.

I want your friends to see your phone buzzing-- to see you surrounded by the kind of women you want. I want them to ask you how made this change. And when you tell them, I am going to charge them enough to earn back the money I’m under-charging on you… and then some.

Because I know that not every guy will see this page-- but a lot of guys will see your success... and want to know how you made the changes you made.


Then use one of the two buttons below:

Option One:

90-minute session

cost: a single payment of $147


Option Two:

90-minute session

cost: $50/month for a period of three months


If you can accept that your effort and money and time should bring you more pleasure with women, then you deserve to optimize your power and potential, and you deserve this gift to yourself.

Have fun,

Special Extras:

1) If you request this at the beginning of the session, I can record the session for you, free of charge. You will then receive an mp3 recording of our work together, which you can listen to whenever you want, and wherever it’s convenient for you.

2) You’ll be entitled to two detailed email follow-ups.

P.S: You’re getting a personal coaching phone call from me. I’m going to give you a detailed plan of action, based on your individual situation. And I offer a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

P.P.S.: You’re also getting the opportunity for a free mp3 recording of the session— so anytime you have a free moment, you can have our plan for you right there and ready.

P.P.P.S.: You’re getting this guaranteed love-life coaching at an incredibly low, now you have to tell your friends price!