You can learn to speak straight to someone's gut instincts,
so that what you say has immediate and lasting impact

Power. Money. Sex.

If you're like most people, when you see or hear words like those above, you get a little bit of a jolt.

But saying words like power and money and sex isn't the only way to have emotional impact on other people.

In fact, when someone knows how to use the other dimensions of human communication-- how to coordinate the way he or she talks with what he or she says- - that person can grab your attention just as securely as a bouncer pins your arms behind your back.

And not just grab your attention-- someone who knows how to speak to your gut instincts, the emotional part of your mind, can make you want what you didn't realize you wanted, and open your mind to possibilities you didn't know you could have.

You can develop this power. You can learn to reach beneath people's "reasons," so that you can guide and drive their gut responses, open and inflame their imaginations. You can learn how to lead, inspire, motivate, and connect.

Conventional communication-- the way most people go about trying to get others to change opinions, beliefs, and behavior-- assumes that facts and arguments guide feelings and beliefs, and therefore, that facts and arguments guide behavior.

Synchronized communication, or, as we call it, GutTalk, assumes that feelings and beliefs drive behavior, and, for that matter, that feelings and beliefs determine how facts and arguments will be interpreted.

GutTalk addresses someone's feelings and instincts, in order to change that person's idea of "the facts".

And Sexual Key shows you how to use the structure of female language and emotion to emotionally bond with and sexually arouse women extremely quickly--in the space of a conversation. Women are waiting for entirely different signals than the ones men feel and usually send-- Sexual Key shows you how to send those signals, so you can touch women's emotions and make them feel incredibly good, while at the same time arousing them sexually.

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