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Does Approaching Women You Want
Still Feel Harder Than You Want?

Here's How to Break Through The Babe-Meeting Barrier, Once and For All


"My Thinking Patterns Shifted"

The thing i noticed is that my thinking patterns shifted, especially after reading the [INFO DELETED] part. I coaught myself usung bad thought patterns, simmilar to what was described in [INFO DELETED] column. It made me more motivated to go out and slowly re-learn and apply new patterns of thoughts. What suprised me is the fact that just by changing the way I think i can feel better right away..



Making The Approach of Hot Women
into a Fun, Easy, Natural Thing

Here's the first thing to know:

Approaching women is hard.

Really hard.

Until you change the way you think about it.

At which point it starts becoming easy.

Really easy.

So you're now going to learn a different way of thinking about approaching women... so that it stops being hard, and starts being easy.

The Hard Thing is Accepting
That the Way You're Doing It Now
is the Hard Thing--
And That There is An Easy Way
to Make It An Easy Thing

Think about what happens when you approach women now.

Maybe you approach, but you do it in a half-hearted, tentative way. Like you're worried about knocking over glass and causing a scene.

Or you don't go after the women you really want.

Or maybe you stop yourself from approaching at all.

The Challenge is Real, But So is the Solution--
And This Solution Has A Simple Structure.

There is a structure-- usually unconscious-- that the guys who approach women easily, while feeling really good, tend to follow.

When you understand it precisely enough--

and when you get it etched into your instincts deeply enough, by a system that's powerful enough and tailored enough--

it sticks in your head.

Changes your attitude, yeah-- but more importantly, it changes your actions.

Changes your options.

It changes your experience of the world around you... and suddenly, rich ripe sexual opportunity is everywhere.

Not just any opportunities--

but opportunities with the kind of girls you really want.

"It Makes Me Feel Better
About the Approach"

I applied [INFO DELETED] principle and what i noticed is that it makes me feel better about the approach because my attention shifts to [INFO DELETED] and it also shifts my state to more positive one. I used to play with my inner dialogue a lot in a way that you told in FoS audio but this one is like a level up... I also recall that when i was in the flow feeling after doing a lot of appoaches, that was kinda my state of mind but i wasnt aware of it.


Here's What Will Happen
When You Put This Structure to Work:

You'll see a woman you want.

Different things will happen in your mind and body-- things different from what happened for you before.

You'll feel different things from what you what had been accustomed to feeling-- better things--, and you'll therefore do something new and different and better than what you'd done before.

You'll go up and talk to her.


"I Did 5 Approaches in a Row...
Then I Did 5 More"

I did this exercise about 5 times before going to the club. I wanted to install a feeling of fun and chillout vibe i feel when i talk to my best friends, i wanted to feel  that instead of approach anxiety. Doing it at home made me feel really good, i really felt that fun vibe and i felt very positive, also I didnt felt any stiffness i usually feel in my stomach before i go out, which was always caused by stress. I met with two of my friends, talked a bit with them and went to the club. I still felt that fun vibe, not as much as at home right after exercise but i felt a lot better than usually. I did stumbled for a second when i was about to approach but when i did i felt much better than usual, i felt that its fun and when i was rejected i just thought its funny. My internal dialogue shifted a bit also i was talking more positive things to myself. I did 5 approaches in  a row, without much hesitation which is really big improvement. Then i did 5 more, still felt fun but i stumbled a bit. I noticed that when i had something funny on my mind to say it was a bit easier. So i guess i just need to chose a diffrent state to accompany that, like  to feel, like feeling confidence and permission to approach when i see a girl or group of girl. So to sum this up, i felt  a huge diffrence when i was approaching, i hasitated a few times thou, but it wasnt a big deal like it used to be. I still caught myself on having little excuses and bit of stress when there was group of girls on unfavourable situation thou. It's amazing how quick results are, i never got anything like this from standard nlp or inner game stuff. Also one time i approached a set of two girls with totally creepy line at purpose just to get rejected for fun and girls laughed me off and i found this situation extremely funny which is amazing because previously i would propably feel embarassed. Also more girls seemd to respond a little more positively to me than usual...


Here's Why You'll Do
This New and Different and Better
Girl-Meeting Thing:

After going through the program you're about to go through, you'll see for yourself that there's a simple but surprising mental pattern that changes what happens when you see women you want.

A pattern that causes you to approach them, and to feel good doing it-- and causes them to feel good and feel grateful for your attention...

and because you have both a clear conscious picture of this pattern--

and because you've been through a special interactive audio training system that imprints certain instincts and reflexes within you--

--a system that matches exactly your own internal rhythm and locks the information you need inside you...

at precisely the pace that makes it stick...

so you advance eagerly on the women you want, while feeling powerfully prepared and revved-up and ready--

and you feel the power inside you.

You feel strong. You are strong.

(Women feel it. They can't help but feel it.)

So you now enjoy the pleasures that this pattern brings you.

You approach women.

Hot women.

You make them feel good.

They make you feel good.

And your life is now much, much more fun.

This system employs interactive audio training files; headphones are required for its proper use.


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This system has one objective:

To get you, the user, into the habit of effectively approaching women you desire.

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