The Energetic Wave

Into the Ocean

Imagine that reality is actually like an ocean, and that you are swimming within this ocean. This ocean is filled with things variously floating, swimming, or stuck on the ocean floor. Now imagine that there's a woman next to you, and that she's wearing strange headgear; and that she can communicate to you through this headgear.

Now imagine that she, delightfully, is wearing a thin, form-fitting wetsuit; you, on the other hand, are wearing a kind of heavy aquatic armor. You're sure she's fairly comfortable, though, because the extensive readouts in your headgear report that this is a warm, warm ocean.

As it happens, because of some decisions and investments you have made, your headgear can do things her headgear cannot. Specifically, you can tap into her headgear and even her nervous systems, so that you can see what she is seeing and feel what her body is feeling.

There are two very large boulders ahead of the two of you, and they rest on the ocean floor, some three meters apart.

You check what the girl is seeing-- and she sees not two boulders, but...
(continued inside)

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