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M.W., OH, via email

The Sexual Key unlocks the unconscious structure of female emotion, so you can arouse and seduce women with words alone, in minutes... without having to be good-looking, rich, "smart", or witty.

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As Seen in VICE Magazine:

You really can get the women you want—
just by learning how to use a “Glitch” in the female brain

Women are frustrating for a reason:

Their brains are literally, measurably, physically different from the male brain!

This brain difference means that women actually think and feel differently from the way that you think.

So some things that are pleasurable to you are meaningless to them…

While things that seem laughably easy and trivial to you…

so easy and simple you’ve never bothered to think of them…


make a woman’s body instantly sizzle with sexual pleasure…
even if she’s never met you before!

By pushing the simple “button” of a woman’s natural, built-in, hidden sexual arousal system, you can easily give women the pleasure they need… so they can feel the sexual passion they want… and you can enjoy the sexual pleasure you want!

You both win!

And she wants the pleasure you can give her, because…

Women— Especially beautiful women—
feel much more frustrated,
feel much more
emotionally and sexually hungry

than they are willing to admit

See, women feel powerful emotions and desires… but they are often confused by them! That’s why they spend so much time talking about their feelings, and reading books and magazine articles about their wishes and wants and needs.

In a sense, they don’t know what they want!

So they look for substitutes, things that “look” like they can give them what they need:

  • Rich men
  • Big shots
  • Muscular jocks

But ask these guys, and

...If they trust you, they'll Reveal

that even with their outward, apparent advantages... they usually still find women-- the women who sometimes even approached them, just because of those outward advantages--




And the women "Successful" men know
still seem to want...

  • Pretty clothes
  • Shiny jewelry
  • Expensive dinners
  • Costly trips and vacations to "romantic" (money-sucking!) vacations!

But your sex life can be ten times better,
ten times more satisfying, and ten times less expensive...
while you enjoy the sexual favors of gorgeous women

who'll make those guys curse in envy...

or make them wonder how you're doing it!

See, all those things that women think they want...

are just substitutes for what they really want!

And what they really want... is pleasure!

A very particular kind of pleasure... and just fiddling with her g-spot will never fully do the trick!

See, by learning how to use the special “glitch” (it’s not really a bug… it’s a feature!) in her mind…

You can give her what she really wants…
with ease… and without spending a dime…
you’ll feel her begin to admire and desire you...

in minutes...

even if she's never met you before...

before you even touch her body!

You can even do it over the phone...

or while her boyfriend is standing right beside her!


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Here's What Makes The Sexual Key
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It Doesn't Rely on Memorization
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Instead, It Teaches You
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Structure of Female Emotion--

Into Real-World Lust-Inducing 'Sexual Magic'

That With Just a Few Words--
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Gets a Woman

Fascinated, Emotionally Excited, and Sexually Turned-On!

Scientific Proof:
How The Sexual Key works
  • The brains of men and women react differently to words.

  • Words can give women intense pleasure.

In late 2000, researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine employing functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) --brain scans-- made a striking observation: Men's and women's brains react differently to language.

When a man hears language, only the brain hemisphere associated with logical, linear thinking tends to activate. A woman, hearing the same language, will activate both the logical and emotional hemispheres.

Women respond much more emotionally than men to language.

Women's brains are
physically different.

You already know that the bodies of men and women are different. What you may not know is that the brains of men and women are different as well. Women don't just act and respond the way they do because of social programming--women's brains are physically different than men's brains, and they handle information and emotion differently.

Women's brains have thicker connections between their left and right hemispheres--as a result, women's brains merge language and emotion.

Male Brain
Female Brain
The female brain has a wider pipeline between brain hemispheres (a bigger corpus callosum) than the male brain. It readily combines signals from the left (logical, language-oriented) and right (associative, emotional) hemispheres. Words easily touch off emotions.
You can use words to attract and arouse women in minutes.

Unlock her dreams and desires. Use the simple scientific power of The Sexual Key.
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You know women are different--

they are secretly hungry and unsatisfied...

they want a man to unlock their dreams...

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